What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag

Let’s talk make up today and more specifically what I have packed in my bag for holiday. Be under no illusion I am not a beauty guru but I will still attempt to talk you through what I have.

Do you like my make up bag? It’s from skinny dip via ASOS, I’m not sure they still have this pattern but definitely check them out as this is one mammoth sized bag. It holds all my make up plus my skincare for the trip, with room to spare.
I’ve been a little Bourjois mad lately, before the holiday I spent so much on lipsticks and foundation, so let’s get started with the contents of this massive bag.
Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream in Ivory & Bronze – The reason I have two shades is as I get browner the ivory will be a little too light so I can mix a little of the bronze one in with it. I really like this CC cream it does everything you’d want from a corrector, it covers red-ness and evens out the skin, it doesn’t cover dark circles but I have very dark ones. I am a little sad Bourjois don’t do a version for the palest of skin tones but they also don’t do it for the darkest either, so if you’re in between these you will be happy.
Bourjois Blusher in #03 Copper Brown & #41 Rose Blossom – I only packed two blushers a pink and a beautiful brown. I am loving brown make up at the moment, I brought along a gorgeous lipstick but more on that later, this blusher is something I have been on the look out for. Finally Bourjois delivered with copper brown and it gives you a beautiful added glow to the cheeks with a tan but looks just as delightful on paler tones instead of a pink or coral shade blush. I did bring a pink in case we go out in the evenings.
Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in #09 Happy Nude Year, #10 Don’t Pink Of It & #17 Cool Brown – Another obsession recently has been these rouge edition lipsticks, I now have six or seven in my collection and love them all. They are a matte finish and just never disappoint me plus the price, £8.99, bargain. My favourite shade is the cool brown, it has just enough pink in it to make it very wearable in the day. Don’t pink of it is another favourite, it’s the only nude shade I could actually pull off, it’s a powdery pink colour but still has warmth. The last colour happy nude year, is not a nude in my opinion but more like your lips but better, which I suppose is the point of the name now thinking about it.
Brushes & Tools – I brought only what I needed in that department, so I have three of my Eco Tools brushes, powder, blush and concealer. I also had to bring my beauty blender from Real Techniques because I can not live without it. I popped my tweezers in too (although not shown), my eyebrows grow so quickly.
L’Oréal Glam Bronze* in Blonde Harmony & Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot in Translucent – I’m keeping it simple powder wise, this duo compact from L’Oréal is brilliant, I can use it as a contour and highlight but I prefer to just use it as an overall bronzer, it’s a really pretty shade and is perfect when I am tanned. I brought my Soap and Glory powder purely out of habit as I use it everyday at home so I may not even get it out.
Mascara & Eyebrow Pencil – I have to be honest and say I’ve no idea the brand of either of these products, it’s rubbed off and I am so useless. The mascara I know is a brown shade and it must be a volume and length formula as it gives me the best lashes. The eyebrow pencil is not used for my brows as I am yet to find the perfect brow shade, however it does well to fill in  my moles, that sounds weird but I hate when they are covered by makeup.
The Body Shop Instablur – This is my holy grail of base products, it works wonders when I am wearing your standard foundation but I am yet to see if it will effect the CC cream in any way. I think it might prevent it from actually covering the redness but I will see. I brought it just in case.
That is it, I went rather in depth. I probably wouldn’t use most of these on a daily basis just because Hungary can be very hot, upwards of 30 degrees celsius, so it would melt off my face but evenings I can make myself feel prettier. Have you tired any of these products I’ve mentioned?
Georgia x
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