Keeping it cosy with Tobi

Do you know what I like? Doing the absolute least, especially when I’m on holiday and the weather sucks. Which coincidently it does right now, so I have been a hermit these past few days. Also I did catch something horrible from bean which has made me lounge around in self pity for the best part of five days. And there is no better way to do so than in something extra comfy and cute. Now I used to lounge exclusively in my PJs. However I am not really a pyjamas lady anymore, I have three sets of matching ones and that’s it, the rest are old jersey shorts and 13 year old t-shirts which should probably be thrown away. And even though I invested, not invested dropped some small change, on joggers I didn’t have anything cosy and knitted to cover my lady lumps and buttocks respectively.

Then Tobi got in contact and asked if I’d like to review something from their site, I came across the Just For Comfort Sweater Dress and knew it’d be a perfect with knee high boots and a longline coat. Once it arrived it didn’t look quite right, like always my legs are too short, but as lounge wear it’s perfection. It’s soft, cosy and covers my derrière wonderfully.

Sweater Dress – Tobi*

I’m hoping I can get back to being human over the weekend and typically just in time to go back to work, why does it always work out that way?

But more importantly you can get this sweater dress in red and black as well as taupe, it’s also currently on sale, Tobi offers free shipping and VAT duties paid to the UK. Have you ever ordered from Tobi? If not are you tempted now?

Georgia x

*Item to sent to me for the purpose of review but all opinions are my own.

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