Want List #3

This weeks want list is spring/summer coats, my fellow UK ladies will know, it is an essential piece of clothing for our cooler nights and those frequent overcast days. The last year or so two types have really caught my eye, the bomber and the duster.

Oh the duster coat, it has been on my wishlist for so long, I just love how they look and the fact they go with practically any outfit makes me lust after one even more. I particularly love them over a really relaxed almost lazy outfit, I just love that “laid back, I just threw this on” look. I prefer duster coats being plain and in my usual colour palette greys, whites, blacks and blues, I’m also partial to a khaki one.

Now unlike the duster coat, I am loving colourful, in your face bomber jackets, there are some real gems about and ok they aren’t as versatile but they can jazz up a simple outfit. Which seems to be all I wear, so I could really do with one of these jackets. Bombers are pretty much perfect for petites too, well the less puffy ones are anyway, they fall nicely just below the waist and you know if you wear them with matching trousers or skirts it will make you appear taller.

I really love outfit 1 and 4 of my inspirations above, have any caught your eye?
Duster coats are a difficult one for petites, most shops do only cater for the average or taller woman but I have seen a few lovely ones from topshop and asos. I think the best place to get one (and if you are willing to wait a little while) is sheinside, because being a Chinese website most of their clothing is a little shorter than the norm. An indulgent jacket in the middle from Zara but I really love how it looked on the model on their website.

I really love the bombers I found but It was difficult finding ones from the high street, once again Sheinside came to my rescue with it’s, few seasons ago, Zara bomber jacket dupes. I did find some really nice ones on  eBay too, it’s always worth going on there and having a look as most people are selling ones with a low starting bid.
I’m yet to own either but I did make a cheeky sheinside order and picked up a green duster/trench for myself this summer. Do you have any of these jackets?

Georgia xx

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