Want List #4

Hello, welcome to another late want list, I know I missed last weeks again and I won’t even bore you with a reason. I’ll just get onto what I have on my list this week, dresses, well t-shirt, shirt and vest dresses. You know me by now, anything plain and simple, easy to throw on and style is a win for me.

I already own one striped t-shirt dress from Sheinside which I wore to death last summer and I found some inspiration on pinterest which has prompted me to want even more colours. Lately I’ve been drawn to the shirt dress the most and there are a few gems online, I’m really loving the denim one below in the first photo, I can imagine pairing it with my gorgeous new Zara flats, which will feature on the blog tomorrow if you are intrigued.
I am yet to find a sleeveless dress like the one above in the middle and I’ve been hunting one for what feels like an age, but I did find some really nice dresses below which would fill a hole in my wardrobe. The majority are from h&m, they seem to have the best basics at the moment. The dress second from the right is especially amazing and I want, no I need it! hahaha
Are these your kind of dresses? Have you seen any amazing ones for this summer?
Georgia xx

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