Teami Teatox | Week 2

Here I am week two of my Tea detox, it’s been a hell of a week. I have been having some serious migraines due to the weather change and hay fever taking over. However my second week of Teami teas has been so positive.

Monday 9th May – This morning I really enjoyed my skinny tea, I added a little extra honey, I actually had it cold as I’d forgotten that I’d made it and had to quickly drink it on the way out the door. It’s colon tea tonight and I am making sure to drink it a little earlier just in case the effects don’t wear off until the late morning. I only let the bag sit for 30 seconds, a very kind fellow blogger recommended that to me.
Tuesday 10th May – I start work at 10 today but as always I was awake around 7am, steeping the colon tea for a shorter time last night, has certainly made a massive difference. I still had a few cramps but nothing as painful as last weeks. Plus no bowel movements yet! What a result. I had my skinny tea this morning and remembered it this time so I had it warm.
Wednesday 11th May – No work today so there is no rush to drink my tea, I woke up feeling a lot lighter, fresher and not as fatigued. I’m really feeling the difference that this tea is making. I had a couple more cups of the skinny tea throughout the day. I had the colon tea tonight and did the same as Monday night.
Thursday 12th May – Another day off and a another good feeling day, I had my tea cold this morning. I added a little ice and made a larger cup then usual, probably my favourite way to have the skinny tea.
Friday 13th May – I completely forgot to have my skinny tea this morning, my heads all over the place right. I had my tea when I finished work. I drank my colon tea so late and I am freaking out a little as I start work at 8.30am! Wish me luck!!
Saturday 14th May – I woke up late this morning and completely forgot to have my tea so once I got home I started brewing one. I finished work at 1.30pm and barely made it home before the colon tea kicked in. I had a few cramps at work too but I don’t think they were tea related!
Sunday 15th May – I spent the day curled on the sofa as I suffered a huge migraine, I’m hoping this is the last one for a while. Anyway I managed my tea in the morning but felt too weak to have a colon tea.
Weekly Round Up
Overall this week has been great in terms of Teami, I have my lady time and usually I am bloated for most of the week running up to it and during but I have had minimal bloating. My cravings have subsided, however I did binge of chocolate (just a small bar) on the Sunday. I am seeing a difference in my skin and also I am drinking a lot more water due to the sun we are having which coupled with the tea is certainly having a positive effect on my body. I know I missed a colon tea and had my morning teas a little late this week but I assure you I am back on track now.
Did you catch my week 1 update?? Things were a little different.
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Georgia x

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  1. 20th May 2016 / 2:11 pm

    Im a tea person than having a coffee anytime of the day. Im breastfeeding my baby and good thing ive found a lactating tea to support this goal. I am missing my green tea and mint tea which i often drink before to detox. It always feels good after having my cup of tea.

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