Packing Squares Changed My Life!

I always thought I was a savvy packer, now that doesn’t mean I only packed essentials it just means I managed to get everything in my case with a little room to spare for shopping. However the last few years I’ve had to share a suitcase with Rose and even though she’s small it hasn’t been easy squeezing everything into one bag.

But luckily I saw a video on YouTube of someone using packing squares/cubes, they are the best invention. I ordered two sets of three squares from Amazon for about £7.50 each, I had the intention of Rose and I using three each but I could actually fit Rose’s things in just two of them, leaving four for me as I have a few more essentials to bring than her.
I can not even begin to tell you how much space I’ve saved on this trip. I managed to fit my entire two week wardrobe into one of the large squares, I was really smart to pack interchangeable items and actually bought some dresses in a very light material so they could be easily rolled up. Underwear, bikinis, swimming costumes and shoes went into two of the medium size squares. The smallest square is home to my jewellery, sun cream, cotton pads and a few other miscellaneous items.
I will be honest and say even with the squares I still struggled to fit some towels in my suitcase (maybe I just need a bigger suitcase!) but that’s fine as G had more than enough room in his holdall, how is it men pack so well??? I do think if you are just going for a short trip and taking hand luggage only, these squares will be ideal.

If you had no idea what packing squares were before this post then, you’re welcome, I know I have made you super curious and eager to buy your own.
Georgia x

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