How To Make a 19 Hour Car Journey Bearable!!

Having made this 19 hour trip more than a handful of times, I’d like to think I have a few tips to share when it comes to incredibly long car journeys. In just over a week we leave for Hungary and poor G will be doing all of the hard work, but that does mean when I’m not sleeping I will have to fill my time wisely so I don’t go stir crazy.

Let me take you through what I’m popping into my bag for the car, I got this one from H&M, it says “bunch of stuff I can’t live without” which is very accurate. It is your standard canvas shopping tote size so I can fit rather a bit in. I wanted to bring this style away with me as it’s a multi use bag. Anyway let’s have a look inside.

Laptop – I will be using this along the way but due to the lack of internet won’t be able to blog but I can write posts up in word and then transfer it over. There will be a few hours where G stops and sleeps so I thought I could pop into the services, use their wifi and get some posts written or photos edited. And let’s be honest so I can check up on social media!

iPhone & headphones – Simply for when I get sick of listening to G talk.
Book & Diary – I can’t actually read in the car as it gives me motion sickness but when we stop for a bit I have the option to. Also when I get to my in-laws apartment I will fish this out because I’m lazy at learning Hungarian and won’t be able to chat much so this will lessen my guilt. I brought my diary as I always think of good post ideas whilst sat in the car so I can jot them down in here for reference at a later date.

Make-up bag – This is actually a pencil case from skinnydip (via ASOS) but it still does the job. I’ve only put in what I describe as the “essentials” for a very long car journey, which includes my REN lip balm,. face and hand wipes, hand sanitizer, perfume, gum and of course tampons & pads as unfortunately I have to do this journey during my lady time.

Nike Benassi Sliders – I added these into this post because these will only be worn outside of the car, I’m one of those people who takes their shoes off in the car. Only so I can curl up on the car seat and snooze easier!


These things get me through the first 5-6 hours of the trip as I tend to sleep for the rest of it, however I know this time round is very different as we have a toddler in the back. Wish us luck for or trip and is there anything I should be taking that I haven’t put above?? (don’t worry I have our passports and deodorant!!)
Georgia x

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